Never Listens!

My boss never listens to me even when I’m right and he knows it. He’d rather ruin a job than take my advice and it burns on me so much! I think he is just afraid of me and worries I will out do him, well it isn’t hard. All I want is to be heard and respected, not treated like a tool to be used and never worked with.

You are a grease ball

I hate my job, but most of all I hate my fucking boss. A fucking asshole who treats every guy like shit and every girl like a piece of skirt for his harassing pleasure. Your employees are not there to abuse, they are there to keep your company afloat, otherwise you would be out of business and working at macdonalds. What a grease ball!

My boss never listens to me

No matter what, my boss will not listen to a word of advice from me or anyone else beneath him in the company – which is everyone! He will make bad decisions and get the company into problems and instead of admitting his mistake he will blame me or others for the decision, I wish he would just fuck off and let the rest of us run the company the way it should be run without all the dumb crap

My boss asked me if I would consider an abortion

I told my boss I was pregnant and he asked me if I would think about having an abortion for the sake of the company and the fact that I’m the only accountant he has, he even offered to pay for the abortion and threw in a weekend at the local spa to ‘help me recover from the ordeal’, unbelievable!